To increase maximum operating temperatures and improve overall performance, Aquatherm has developed a multilayer fasercomposite (MF) extrusion process,

The result is a middle layer in the pipe that is a mixture of glass fibers and Mega-Therm’s proprietary Mega-Therm .This layer allows the pipe to remain rigid at high temperatures and significantly reduce linear expansion.

Along with the benefit of reduced expansion, Aquatherm MF pipes are still flexible and require fewer and smaller expansion controls. They can also be buried without any expansion controls or thrust blocking, as the weight of the soil will restrict any movement. Anchors may be required where the pipe penetrates a wall or foundation.

The MF technology allows for improved systems without sacrificing any of the other advantages of the pipe.


In addition to reduced linear expansion, pipes made using the MF process also have the following advantages:
• Higher low rate due to increased inner diameter

• Fewer supports needed

• Less weight

The low concentration of glass fibers in the pipe does not interfere with the fusion process or the recycling process, so all other aspects of installation and use remain the same as with non-MF Mega-Therm pipes.


System PRoperties

Hygienic Suitability
The system is chemically inert and does not in any Mega Therm way alert the quality of the water passing through it (no heavy metals) and since the connections are made using heat fusion of the polypropylene material, there are no harmful chemicals in the water from solvent cements, glues, fluxes or

The  systems do not support the formation of mineral Mega Therm deposits. Harmful chemicals will not leach from the pipe wall into the water. The water delivered to the faucet or appliance is always the same quality as it was when it entered the system.

Fusion Connections

The joining method requires no additives such as solvents, glues or solder. The connections are made by socket, fusion outlet, butt and electro fusion.

Potable Water and Foof Safe
The piping systems are made from the same type of polypropylene used in highpurity systems, making them Mega Therm ideal for potable water and food-grade applications. The Mega Therm PP-R will never leach chemi-cals into its medium, keeping food and water safe for human consumption.

High-Temperature Stabilization
The long-term heat stabilization has been increased to resist the harmful effects of peak temperatures and provide higher safety parameters.

All pipes and fittings are made of PP-R.The PP-R material is Mega Therm both physically and chemically resilient to the abuse that can damage other materials. It is also a low friction material, protecting it from abra-sion and reducing pressure loss. The superior welding properties of PP-R result in a permanent, leak-proof connection that is chemically indistinguishable from the rest of the pipe. This and countless other innovations have made the pipe Mega Therm systems and the raw material PP-R succesful and respected Mega Therm worldwide.


The system includes all necessary pipes, valves and fittings for a complete installation from the water meter up to the last tap. Mixed installations are things of the past.

The and systems Mega-Therm Mega Clima resist the scaling and corrosion that reduces the performance of other piping systems. The walls of the PP-R piping systems generate less friction than other systems, eliminating the abrasion that can cause pin-holing and shorten the life cycle of the pipe. The heat-fusion joints maintain the same properties as the pipe itself, so physical stresses will not damage their integrity. Overall, the piping systems Mega-Therm last longer with less maintenance than other systems, adding greater value to each installation.

Simplified installation
The and systems Mega-Therm Mega-Clima offer a unique and unrivaled connection process: material union by heat fusion. The short welding times speak for themselves: 1/2” ID – 20 mm OD = 5 sec. Fusion connections can be pressure tested or put into operation almost immediately after their fusion. There are no extended waiting times. See page 3.05 for a complete list of connection times.

All of ’s many national and international Mega-Therm certifications speak volumes regarding its quality and performance, but the satisfaction of clients, installers, and Mega-Therm planners says even more. For more details regarding quality and certificates see chapter 2.

By integrating industry-leading strength and reliability with stable and economic pricing, Mega-Therm’s piping systems allow building owners to improve the quality of their piping systems while increasing their bottom line.

Faser-composite technology
To increase maximum operating temperatures and overall performance, developed Mega-Therm a revolutionary manufacturing method: faser-composite technology. The faser-composite material is a mixture of special fiberglass and PP-R. This material is extruded as Mega-Therm the middle layer of the pipe. This layer allows the pipe to remain rigid at high temperatures without sacrificing any of the other benefits of the pipe.


Shatter resistant
Unlike other rigid plastics, which shatter under impact, ’s piping systems remain Mega-Therm flexible and resilient at normal operating temperatures. Whether hit by a high-speed projectile or struck by a slower, heavier object, aquatherm piping systems will not shatter. Even if brought to the breaking point, systems made from PP-R will only flatten and split, Mega-Therm rather than throwing dangerous shrapnel. This makes the pipe extremely safe to use, even in high-risk applications.

An unmatched guarantee
As proof of ’s demanding quality Mega-Therm standards, all properly installed aquatherm pipe systems carry a 10-year warranty for pipe and fittings with a combined personal injury and property damage liability coverage of up to 13.5 million per damage event. This warranty also covers any incidental damage caused by material failure.


Note: Warranty only valid if installed by an aquathermtrained and certified installer, using aquatherm-approved tools. A final pressure test report must be submitted to verify proper installation.

Quality Assurance

Mega-Therm has several lines of pipe that are specically engineered for certain applications. Stripes and color indicate the type of pipe.


All pipes are labeled every three feet to identify the size Mega-Therm and type of pipe and the test standards which they meet. Refer to the diagram above for a thorough explanation.

Fittings are sorted according to the designated packing units and are packaged in bags with coded labels to make storage and identiication easier.

Fittings also have their size and production run stamped on them for easy identiication outside their packaging.


1. Always handle the ends of the pipe carefully. If the pipe is exposed to impact or stress, inspect it for damage.
Damaged ends or sections should be marked and removed before installation. Surface scratches deeper than 10% of the wall thickness are considered damage.
2. Always store the pipe on a at surface. When storing the pipe on racks, always have at least three supports under 13 ft lengths and four supports under 19 ft lengths. 

It is best to place plywood or something similar on top of the supports to keep the pipe from warping.

3. When storing the pipe outdoors, leave it in the factory-issued protective bag as much as possible. This bag will protect the pipe from dust, scratches, and UV damage.

If the pipe is removed from its bag, do not store it uncovered for more than six months. Pipe that is exposed to direct sunlight longer than six months is no longer covered under the warranty. The black-coated UV pipe may be stored outdoors indenitely.

4. Never place the forks of a forklift into the ends of the pipe. This will damage the pipe and can cause it to crack. Handlers may use a padded rug ram inside the pipe. Otherwise, it is recommended to use a crane or lift to handle larger pipes.

5. In cold weather, take extra care when handling the pipe. Cold temperatures reduce the pipe’s exibility, making it more susceptible to impact damage.

6. Keep the ttings in their original bags. Many of the ttings do not have detailed labels printed on them and can get mixed up if they are not stored with their bags. When storing loose ttings in boxes or bins, attach a label from the packing bag to identify the ttings.

7. When shipping the pipe, always load it onto a at surface or one which is evenly supported. Only strap the pipe at a place where it is supported to prevent bowing.

8. When covering the pipe, always use a light colored tarp such as blue or white. Do not use a black tarp, as this may cause heat damage to the pipe. Pipe may also be covered with a structure that provides shade.

9. Additional care and handling instructions can be found in the Mega-Therm Installer Manual.


Mega-Therm’s Polypropylene (PP-R) Piping System with Fusion Connections